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I'm not sure what the "Litebrake" thing is. If they have replaced non-structural parts of the cast-iron rotor with aluminum, that should shed some unsprung rotating mass. That will, in theory, help stop-and-go fuel economy slightly. In practice, none of us have sensitive enough instruments to be able to see an MPG difference for any reasonable amount of weight savings from a single part like that.

I am told that the water mist stuff can help keep the intake and combustion chambers cleaner, which can in turn help MPG a little bit in some cases. And they can help you run higher boost on the same grade of fuel, or run regularly on lower-grade fuel. I don't think those will improve your economy at all, though.

I've never heard reports of an FE improvement with Water Wetter. It is an anti-corrosion additive, and also as UFO said reduces the surface tension for better cooling. I think that will make your fuel economy slightly worse, as more heat from the coolant will be shed into the air. To make that up, the engine will have to burn very slightly more fuel. (I'm not sure that anyone in the entire world has instruments sensitive enough to measure any difference due to that, though!)

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