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More air less fuel
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Thank you for asking about the project. Sorry to say I don't have much to add as of late, except that I did go to Maine to be in this years TDIFest. That was quite a trip! It was a long ride from Rochester NY. but worth it. I was keeping up with traffic, passing logging trucks up mountains, if you know what I mean and still got 68 mpg! Got to the fest and checked the tank, I could have gone back home without adding fuel. That is a strange feeling after driving 544 miles.
Had a great time, camped with another great guy from the event and met a lot of cool people.
After I got back, I decided to look for a taller fifth gear. I thought I had purchased the highest that was available but it turns out that there is a better one. I think I will install one this spring and check the mileage again.
Another issue is the tires, I used Michelin Pilot Exalto A/S, and I realize that they are not the lowest rolling resistance tires out there (I have them at 40 psi) and I am toying with the idea of swapping them for something better....Problem is the ones I have are still very new! Another problem is that my size tire is tough to find in anything you want, 195/60-14 if I remember correctly. Pretty sure I could find something close enough and maybe a bit larger in diameter and perhaps a little bit more narrow.....Hate to spend that kind of money just to throw up better numbers.
So, besides that stuff, all is quite. It is winter now and the car is in the barn waiting for April or maybe May, you never know around here!
Right now I am really trying to find a good job that can and will use my skills and interests, that's proving to be difficult also! Been out of work for a while now and it's getting old.

About Hawaii, are those pics for real? Is it really getting nasty? Left overs from Japans problem? Know of any work on the islands involving renewables or something, I have experience in that field also....
Best regards.
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