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Any 1990s Stereo Gurus Here?

I have gone through 3 cars in the last 4 days, trying to find just one that will actually make it to my parents place in the mountains for the holidays. There have been blown head gaskets, burnt alternators, failed master cylinders - it goes on and on. I finally funneled all my good parts into one Civic Si, and now all that's wrong is the CODE display is showing on the factory cassette deck. It's a '94 Si with the Acoustic Research factory deck in it. My helpful Honda dealership guys (Richmond Honda - shameful plug for them though, they actually dig old eco cars/tuner cars and take the time to help you out with weird parts requests) tell me that if I pull the deck out and give them the serial number on the deck, they can get me the security code. Problem is I am so far behind on shopping/packing/driving to the hills that the last thing I want to do is pull the dash apart and go to the dealership to get the code. Does anyone know if there is some sort of master reset code for these things? Like hold down the #1 and #6 presets and turn the deck on sort of thing? Thanks!

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