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Do want wind tunnel or data?

Originally Posted by justpassntime View Post
Why couldn't you use a peanut oil fog machine and a big fan for home wind tunnel testing?

Note: Wind tunnel assistant not included.
justpassntime,is there some specific info your seeking? I know you're aware of Reynold's Number effects, and how it effects model scaling in wind tunnels.A 1:24 Scale model would require a minimum of 480-mph wind in the test section to just simulate a turbulent boundary layer on your model .Anything short of that would yield meaningless data for you.If there's something specific you'd like to know about your car or potential projects,we may be able to help you out.I have a small tunnel I built for public demos but it's not a serious research tool.And for me,I can intuit and tuft-test in full-scale,faster and cheaper than I ever could with models.And the results are always valid 'cause its full-scale.Let us know.
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