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Okay! I finally finished the semester and drove up to my parents'. That trip did not go as I had planned at all! My dad wanted me to do computer stuff first, which took a couple of days, and then I could not get the shed to move!

Dad's laptop crashed and after taking it to a few different places and spending a couple hundred attempting to repair it, he ordered a new one, and I got it up and running again, but spending two day trying to get win7 to scan to .PDF, especially using his automatic document scanner was a pain, and in the end, I just copied the program from his xp PC!

The front of the shed is sitting on cinder blocks and pieces of lumber, but the back is sitting on dirt, so that 4x4 is probably partially rotted. I used my car jack to lift the front to put it on a runner, but I spent a few hours digging out the back so that I could fit a runner down there. I did not feel like digging out the back just to be able to attach a cross-member, so I put the second one in front, forming a triangle.

However, I grossly underestimated the stress on the joints; I put two fence screws into each corner and the end that did not have the diagonal piece against it came loose before the shed even moved, so when I go back up, I am going to screw a block right in front of that side, see if I can get longer screws, and use several in each corner.

One problem was that, hoping to save a little money, I planned on using Dad's steel digging bar, but but without a sledgehammer, it just was not going into the ground. Also, the winch was supposed to clip onto something, it would not fit around the bar, so I took off the gates, parked Chorizo, and used my baby as an anchor.

How do you fix tire ruts in a lawn? My parents are very upset!

Also, what type of stake would be strong enough? I need to go ahead and purchase a sledgehammer, don't I?
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