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Originally Posted by PaleMelanesian View Post
Yep - pulse and glide is the best way to deal with high-revving gears. I'm at 3300 rpm at 70, similar to your 3500. Is it possible to change the rear-end gears on a Miata?
Wait you get 60mpg with stock gearing??? :O holy ****. How long are your glides? I feel like I can never glide very much since I lose speed super fast and my gears are even shorter (3800 at 70) resulting in ultra short pulses so I gave up on P&G, I just glide when there's a significant downhill grade. Also my brake booster runs out of vacuum after 1 application of the brake pedal so I usually don't engine off down a hill in any situation.

Maybe it's time to try engine off...I was going to regrind my intake cam to lower idle and low rpm pumping loss but I decided not to after realizing it would cost almost 2000 dollars after installination.

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