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Which part are you talking about? The light gray cornice is a decorative appliqué. The stair-stepping abaft the side door will induce separation which may not reattach, transmitting base pressure up to full cross-section.

If they had mimiced the plan taper and rear edge shaping of the Prius, just scaled 100% in Y and 15% in X, that would be awesome. Flat sheet materials with curved, obtuse edges.

As for that drive on the coast—I've been trying to remember. I recall it was around Neskowin in the 80's, and the car had really good windshield wipers. So it wasn't a VW. I also drove that road in a rental Mercury Sable station wagon with 7 miles on it, on ice. I really liked the tires. OTOH, what I was telling people earlier this month: "Ice—the Great Equalizer."
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