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Another month, another update:

1) Using suntuf as the only roofing on a large shop?

Skyking asks about using suntuf corrugated polycarbonate as a roofing
material to aid in heating his shop.

using suntuf as the only roofing on a large shop? - EcoRenovator


2) Internet / wifi thermostats

Daox does research on the available internet / wifi thermostats, and then
goes about installing and reviewing the one he selected.

Internet / wifi thermostats - EcoRenovator

Install and review:
Motison CyberStat CY1201 WiFi thermostat installation & review - EcoRenovator


3) Cycling Losses for Gas Furnaces

Servicetech brings up the question of how much cycling losses hurt your
energy usage.

Cycling Losses for Gas Furnaces - EcoRenovator


4) Solar hot air panel construction guide

Solarhotairpanels put together a very nice PDF guide on how to build
your own solar hot air panels. He has had great success with his own.

Pics of 2 DIY systems being built / Hot Air Collectors and Drainback System - EcoRenovator


5) Does bubble-wrap work for insulating windows?

AC_Hacker did some testing a while back to see if bubble-wrap works for
insulating windows. Check out his results.

Does bubble-wrap work for insulating windows? - EcoRenovator
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