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Yeah, solar is something else. I got about a thousand watts in 2 diffferent panels. FIrst off if you build a panel of broken cells, the smallest cell will be your bottle neck, so you need to test them all and really go with larger unbroken cells. If you plan on doing grid tie inverters, check the voltage ranges and build your panel or shop for one that has the similar output. Many panels are ment to be connected to a 12,24,36,48, etc battery bank, so the voltage is accordingly. Grid tie panels have different voltage ranges for use with GTIs.

When it comes to multiple panels and MPPT, you need to run all like panels in series or use a MPPT a panel. If the voltage starts to dip too fast due to shading, etc the MPPT wont suck low enough or reset its load to take advantage of what the panels can produce.

Originally Posted by justme1969 View Post
great thanks Ive been wanting other real world solar users advice for awhile.
he said in that mix n match PV sizes draw down output of largest panels I diddnt understand that very much though.
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