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Well here I am with my own OBD interface OBDlink MX, laptop (ScanXL pro software) and android device (Torque Pro) I have managed to collect some information regarding several topics, hence why it is here.... my own blog I guess.

Initially I got greedy and forced the laptop to intepret ever possible PID and CA
LC which made my scanxl unresponsive on my car. I lost all of my data that I collected for a cold soak warmup idle of my car. Would have been great ,-10c weather last night.

Try two.. my truck.

I reconfigured the software to scan all available PID and fuel flow calc, my computer faired much better and was able to record data at a rate 1.5 seconds per scan.

Those of you who are interested in seeing the data collected it is available via email. I did manage to determine a few facts from my experment. I do not idle my vehicles to warm them up...

It took nearly 11 minutes and 2.1 liters of fuel to get my truck into closed loop mode at 69 deg C and another 7 minutes and another 1 L to get to full temp of 95. at about 4 dollars every morning

great info, for those of you that have friends who idle their trucks. Not to worry the energy was not totally wasted, I had a fire call about 15 minutes after I completed the experiment.

The blockheater for the truck is under the xmas tree, it will be installed by the weekend, then I will repeat the process and redo the one for the car which already has the blockheater install.

I have been using my Torque software on my cellphone and it seems to be OK for realtime feedback but the logging does not impress me. I do realize that my samsung S is too small and I might have to consider a larger andriod device. what I do like about this setup is that I can log position along with engine data.

I hope to get that all sorted out before my commuting starts in the new year.

I will be back....
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