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You can submit your product for testing.

Originally Posted by DiamondLube View Post
I am a CDL A licensed driver, and the first semi I loaded up with my diamond coating went from 5 to over 8 MPG, and that was in 2006. The old smoker stopped smoking and got quieter, all the hundreds of other treated vehicles did likewise. Question is, now what?
There is a testing protocol that can be used to verify your product's effectiveness. It was brought up in these forums in the discussion of HHO generators and the testing needed for verification. I posted a company called The Cell, who tested their device using the SAE J1321 protocol. It is a real world testing protocol that returns under 1% resolution. It is the same test procedure used by many aftermarket trucking manufacturers to verify fuel economy gains.

SAE Results Using The Cell Inc | THE CELL INC - USA

The link should take you to the company's published results. The presented report contained some anomalies that "experts" on these forums saw as leverage to disallow the entire test. But, let it be said, these are the same experts that seem unable to do 8th grade percentage math.

The licensed consulting engineer for this particular test just happened to be a member of the team that created the testing protocol for The SAE. This testing protocol has been used for years and is an accepted form of verification in professional circles if not here on the Ecomodder Forums.

There will be costs involved of course. The consulting engineer must be licensed, the test vehicles must be closely matched and an acceptable test circuit must be found.

The greatest difficulty I see for testing your product would be the time to apply the product to effectiveness. This is not as simple as turning on a gas generator or hanging aerodynamic aids on the vehicle. How long does it take for the product to "burnish in" and become effective?

I put forth this testing procedure only as an example. You may find more direct and effective ways. A dynometer tested engine might be more direct and lower cost but, if trucking companies are your target market, I would suggest the SAE J1321. I honestly would not bother with these forums if it wasn't for the entertainment I gather from the discussions and the informative tidbits that occasionally surface. You should simply take the criticism , learn from it and . . . leave. Seriously. These forums are populated by car and bike guys. Test your product rigorously. If you have even a measured 5% efficiency gain, you will be able to sell 1200 dollar lubrication kits to truckers who dump tens of thousands of dollars a year into their fuel tanks. But I think you already know this.

I'll keep track of your company. And I'll purchase some of your product from Ebay to test. I wish you the best of luck and success.