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there was a comparison to ws2 a few weeks ago - and it showed horrible wear but better than FrogLube.. You are saying its my fault that its not there now? It showed that WS2 is better than whatever is in FrogLube, and ws2 is not that great compared to a diamond coating.

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So according to you Froglube contains Ws2...???

FrogLube | The World's Only Complete Bio Based 'Green' Weapons Care system, Solvent and CLP USDA Approved doesn't claim to have added WS2.

Even the link that you provided to the comparison doesn't claim that Quicken®CLP was compared to WS2.

Also, who or what is ""...???

What are their credentials...???

Searching the web trying to find more info on "" this is what I found.

Funny, it doesn't appear that they have been around very long...

I also came across this.

Airsoft Forum > Most Advanced and Universal Lubricant

It looks like the thread was closed and locked.

There is a Products company that sells gun oil related products. SpartaMax Products - SpartaMax.Gun.Oil Tech Data & MSDS

However, your product is not listed or compared by them.