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Yes 5% was a great number, until it went away the following day and became 2.5%. I cant do it over, which is why I went the Military testing route.

Travis required $20,000 to be wired to his account before he would arrange the test. It sounded reasonable and he "was" recommended by Ryder, and the test was done to prove the product worked specifically to Ryder. I actually had no idea that nearly everyone on every level was so dishonest, but like you said, its like the Wild West out there, everywhere and I did not have another $20K for a lawyer.

What he concocted in the report was a 1.95 % improvement, which was exactly what the after DYNO registered compared to the first dyno, and since all the fuel (Both batches) was consumed I know he didn't use the same fuel as in the test to run the dyno. He used what was in the tank when the truck was rented. Any one of several test deviations invalidates the $20,000 test. SAE does not call for a second dyno run or base the outcome on any dyno results, only road testing between two class 8, same load trucks. I asked him at the time for the certified "same fuel report" but he did not have one, nor is it mentioned in the report - but I DO HAVE VIDEO of the fuel debacle. Too bad the camera battery died moments before he confirmed the 5%. The whole team was pretty shook up over the HUGE results as they called them and the old man needed a few drinks at his Club to calm down, coming close to crashing his speeding Lincoln several times driving me back to my car.

To answer the ring and cylinder question, the oil doesn't blow by the compression ring for lack of lubrication, it gets there because the oil ring is worn and using alcohol you get near Zero lubrication of the compression ring. When DiamondLube is added to the oil and fuel, the diamond coating treats the cylinder and all rings, stopping or greatly reducing blowby, smoke, oil burning and increasing rev speed, HP compression. Engine vibration is lowered as the parts glide past each other with the diamond coat in between. On Harley Davidson the head temp drops ~50F, vibration noise and wear go down, performance rises. A dozen desired effects occur as a result of lowering metal on metal contact, and the +MPG treatments are a one shot deal as this formula has 4 times the nanomaterial used in the SAE testing.

Diamonds are collected by running the concentrated slurry over hot grease trays, and something very similar happens in the engine after the particles embed. Oil sticks like glue to the diamond coating instead of shearing off leaving bare metal, and the seal improves dramatically while the points listed above begin showing up.

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What was your contract for him to execute the test? 1/3 rd at signing? The rest at completion of milestone performance? The fact he ran out of fuel would void the test unless he could certify that he had the exact same fuel. If he didn't provide bearings as agreed, then you could also void the agreement and withhold payment. If you don't like the feel of the results, you can hire an outside consultant, at your cost of course, to review the data. It would have been best to have your outside consultant present at the test of course.

Don't blame the consultant for your lack of product knowledge. It is your product after all. And you do have recourse. The fact he is a licensed engineer means you can approach his licensing body (the SAE ) as well as any state or county authorities if you feel you have been defrauded. But, again, you had better have good evidence against him. I am a consultant, and I have been sued by people who did not like the results of the tests and development I did for them. However, I performed to contract. I have never lost in court. And I have always been paid.

Why you would agree to pay for a flawed test is beyond me. Or else, you are too naive to realize 5% is a GREAT result! If he is at fault, the responsibility to accept the contract is YOURS. If you are at fault for not knowing your product then, YOU are at fault. Either way, YOU are the problem here.

At this point, I am going to enjoy the weekend. And I suggest you hire someone with business and legal skills. How you survive in this wild west environment is beyond me.