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Originally Posted by P-hack View Post
Um, not sure why you are fear mongering at this particular point... the pressure is dropped later on in a CNG vehicle anyway, this way you can use a lower pressure (cost) ANG tank, presumably with safety bypass on the fill valve or something so you can do a "quick fill" when you need one, given the limited energy density...

In theory this is all possible. But the main problem is right here:

Tank manufacture will go one way ANG which is low pressure or the other empty tank high pressure.

Just think for a moment. If you have high pressure tank like 3000 Psi why would you fill it 500 Psi? Just because your home compressor can't pump more? Do you think one of the tank builders will ever think about you......?????

The other way.... Do you think any tank builder will take potential responsibility to let you connect 500 Psi rated tank to 3000 Psi pump.....????? They will never get approval for set up like this. And why would they do this? Remember all this systems must be idiot-proof before the even can think about certification.

We need a company that will think outside of the box. But reality is telling me that right now nobody will do this for us. This is why I started this DIY project. I don't want to wait 20-30 years.... I want to fill up my truck using my home gas line and pay 40 cents a liter when diesel costs 1 dollar and 40 cents......
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