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The ICE engine had what, a hundred years or so to develop and improve, both itself and its supporting infrastructure.
I am sure when the early adopters of the technology bought their first vehicles there was no shortage of people that would happily tell them they were wrong. Why buy an underpowered, noise making, smell generating death trap on wheels. Which requires "Petrol" to be shipped from hundreds of miles away by horse drawn carriage.
Ah, but they will improve, companies will spend fortunes on improving them. They will get more powerful, you will get used to the noise and smell, stores will open all over the country ready to sell you petrol. It will become convenient.
As if, they say, it doesn't have all those things now so why bother. Stick with the horse drawn carriage. My horse can work all day without refilling, it can refuel from nearby fuel sources, it is cheap. And it was what my grandfather used so why change.

By comparison the electric car is already more efficient that what it is replacing, the fuel source is available locally (practically every house has a power outlet of some sort), it makes little noise, not particularly smelly and considering a fair percentage of them are home made they appear to be just as safe.
But the big thing is that an electric car bought / built today by early adopters of the technology will become more and more efficient over time as the source of the electricity on the grid is made greener and greener. It is already off to a good start.

Personally i would rather be an early adopter of an improving technology, especially as the improvements will apply to what i buy/build right now. And i will try not to make fun of or take offence at the comments of the people trying to sell me a horse.
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