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WOW, you must have bumped your head into the boilerplate, hard.

The fuel (fool) is the steam pressure that remains constant and the "steam engine" lost friction causing it to rotate 30% faster. Each test can show completely different attributes of friction loss, and one single test proves nothing by itself.

Let me make that a little clearer for you, as long as the steam pressure in a steam engine remains constant, other variables must be responsible for changes in RMP. Did you bother to notice the absence of 90% of the metal on metal noise post treatment, and the pronounced sound of steam leaving the valve post treatment even though the pressure remained constant. The reduction of sound translates DIRECTLY into power saved by factors no longer required to make that sound, otherwise known as increased efficiency.

In the case of Lucas, it's use would slow the RPM of this system due to increased viscosity even though sound MAY decrease, it does nothing to increase efficiency by thickening the oil.

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how do you measure efficiency without measuring fuel consumption v/s power?!? Omg you are not getting it!!! Making an engine spin faster means it is moving more working fluid!!! That is not a measure of efficiency so stop talking!!!