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At least it's funny, because it's Top Gear. If you can afford any of those cars, you aren't required to give a damn how much fuel they use. Happily, that's a statistically meaningless fraction of the population.

I once read a review of the Subaru STI where the reviewer mentioned that he got 9mpg while the car was in his care. Needless to say, that's not that surprising-- a 300hp AWD monster like that just begs to be flogged. However, sensible driving (and a boost controller) will still get you 30mpg on the highway, so it all works out.

Besides the Miata, the other best sports car value is probably the 3rd-gen Toyota MR2 Spyder. 180hp, 30ish mpg highway, 2200lbs, a six speed, and reasonable resale value (especially compared to the S2k). I'd have one if my needs didn't dictate a wagon (I frequently have to haul bulky crap).
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