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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
When you need more power to get up the hill you need more fuel. Recapture is never as good as not expending in the first place. And rolling resistance will be somewhat higher.
Yes I can see now the problem with my way of thinking. Even at load, a gasoline engine is inefficient and extra kilograms will not give back as much kinetic energy as it takes to get that weight up the hill in the first place. These things can be confusing at times!

Originally Posted by t vago View Post
Engine size would really play a large part in this, too. An engine that is properly sized to the weight/mass of the vehicle it is propelling, rather than an engine which capable of much more maximum power than is warranted, will also help fuel efficiency.
Yes! Most engines today are very overpowered if the user isn't going to pull caravans or drive on the Autobahn etc.

Theoretically I guess it would be best with an engine at full throttle all the time? In practice though the problem would probably be that most cars have fuel enrichment at very high throttle levels.
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