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I managed to pull one side of the shed 1”. I bought a sledge hammer and drove the steel digging bar 2’ into the ground at a 45. I winched it until the bar was nearly vertical when the winch broke. Dad kept saying that we needed rollers, so I tried setting up rollers, but tried to save money, and only wasted time and money. I buried a 4x4 post behind the side that did not move, arranged the thirty cinder blocks and two bags of gravel on top, and used my car jack to move it all of 3”.

I dug out the post and put it and the four others next to the middle of the shed, put the cinder blocks and gravel on top, and then the 600 lbs of concrete mix. I do not know if I managed to move the shed, although I extended the spare tire jack a few inches, without pushing a thousand pounds of building materials through the fence.

There came a point when I could not get my jack to move further and I had difficulty retracting it. I moved it back and forth and it finally seems normal, I had worried about having broken it, and then I finally thought “Hey! Dad has a truck! That spare tire jack would work way better!”

For some reason, only one side moved, so I moved the jack as far as I felt I could towards the other side, and it pushed the shed off of the blocks. I spent an hour or two trying to fix that in the dark, but that is the current state, the shed is sitting on whatever happened to stay under it, rotated significantly, and I do not have any idea how to push it back.

I am really out of time. I start school in just over one week and I have a three-day drill in the field next weekend.
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