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Don't talk me to death brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
Just get a couple of bottles of the gases in question.
Pipe them into your intake manifold, or wherever you like , and measure the gain in power produced, or fuel mileage, pick yer poision.

The sad attempt to combine one with the other when they can easily be separated and analyzed, with any gains clearly defined, smacks of a disingenuous argument, fallacy, and prefidity.

Oh yes, in Virginia, the LAW requires you to pass the same emissions testing that the vehicle originally was subjected to when manufactured, which was why, when I RODE AROUND WITH A COUPLE OF PEOPLE SELLING THE SYSTEMS, they only tried to sell them to diesel truck customers. The ones that had no emissions inspections when new.

Or just watch the 60 minutes segment where the installation was done professionally and tested profesionally with no measurable gain.

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