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If you want to see the future of "lean burn" check out Transonic Combustion. Supercritical preheated fuel under ultra high pressure to prevent spontaneous ignition, fed into the cylinders at various points during the combustion stroke itself is the future of "lean burn". which is not really lean burn at all. That was just the limits of technology available to Honda beginning in the 1970s and developed into the 1990s. The future developments will make it look like archaic technology. Quantum leaps in ignition, combustion chamber design, and injection sequencing will be the next generation. No spark necessary and multifuel capable. The next step will be engineered fuels that eliminate combustion byproducts, which when combined with transonic type injection will propel IC into the 22nd century, possibly devoid of ANY aftertreatment due to efficiency of combustion, the way it SHOULD have started 50 years ago.

When combined with the next generation powertrains and particular attention to reducing vehicle weight, you will see 100 MPG combined in the next 10 years. Aero will be an integral part of the total vehicle with powertrain and engine systems that can truly take advantage of lower average total drag values.

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