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Yes, they are superior considering the requirements.

Originally Posted by slownugly View Post
Rusty- so let me get this straight. If weight was taken out of the equation on a new gasoline non-hybrid to equal the weight of my 2000 lb vx then the return would be the same or superior to the lean burn technology? They are making new cars that are lighter and more aerodynamic and they still don't touch the vx. Speculation or educated guesses about a certain drivetrain in a lighter car is not enough to sway my opinion.

I have tested my vx with 650 lbs and mileage dropped 3-4 mpg from my average. (to 49mpg from an average of 51-53) That's about 2750lb curb weight. If I increased the weight to 3000 lbs I highly doubt it would drop below 45. This makes me want to try it. I'll drop a small book Chevy in the backseat haha.
One of them is emissions. They have upped the Bin requirements since 1993. Your Honda would fail miserably.

But, this basis of current technology will allow lean burn to make a reappearance as other posters have pointed out.

I am not saying YOU should go out and buy a new econo car, I am simply saying the level of technology allows the average person to purchase a vehicle from a range of many, that can easily return 35 to 45 mpg in normal driving - even with all the comforts of Bling current customers require.

The fuel savings between a 45 mpg vehicle and a 55 mpg vehicle are actually quite small. But, multiply that by millions of new vehicles purchased, it is considerable. But, first steps first. We need to get people out of their 22.5 mpg cars and into the 45 mpg cars. THAT is a HUGE savings for society. The lack of appeal for a car like your old VX was why it didn't sell in massive numbers. We need these new 45 mpg cars to reprogram society away from the SUV commuters of a generation past.
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