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With 60k hours of car work not including non customer projects, it would take the longest thread in Ecomodder history to relate the pains in the arse I still remember.

One was changing the dash light bulb in a 65 Lincoln Continental. Book says R&R dash. 90degree twist socket, could only touch it with two fingers, no thumb. I used a blindfold since my eyes were useless, hand cramps many times, had to quit, could'nt let the bulb drop into the abyss or I might never find it by touch alone, careful to not unintentionally disconnect anything, old tech wires and sockets.

Took an hour and a half.

Will post more as I think of them.

One of my techs, Nissan certified master, had the flywheel out of a 1991 300 so fast it was still too hot for the machine shop to surface it after a 6 mile drive to the shop.

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