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I hear you Frank_Lee. I export cars for a living but when it comes to what I actually drive, man it's a $300 Civic, not a $30000 BMW. I have a fleet as a result of all the auctions and deals I find, but none of the fleet is expensive ha ha. I've seen deals that would make people on this site cringe, so much money wasted on stupid things, bad advice, or just out of stupidity. I bought a 2008 F350 Lariat 4x4 crew cab diesel long box once for $5400, because there was something wrong with the engine and the dealership told the guy it needed a new motor. And yes it sounded terrible, but my genius diesel tech said it was fixable when we looked at it. $1700 later (broken rocker arms), it was fixed. That's an $18k truck in the US, and if the guy had done any research he would have got a second opinion on what was wrong. But he just blew it out and bought a new truck as he apparently had too much money. There are so many stupid rich people around here that I don't even feel bad when I get a score like that! He was happy to get it out of his really nice driveway, and I was happy to take it ha ha.
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