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Certainly not the worst job ever, but just bad in the comparison between cause and resolve:
I replaced my parking lights with LEDs but they did not fit very tight in their connectors.
Afraid that they would drop out into the lamp unit I took the retainers out to fixate them, which worked fine with the first one but the second LED dropped into the lamp house just when I removed it.
What to do. The lamp holes were small, the unit was big.
I could take it apart but then I would have to remove the side panel and support beams and stuff.
So I tried button hole surgery with sticky tape on a stick, magnets, a micro grasping device, fishing gear, a paperclip bent to grab...
After an hour of fruitless tinkering I gave up.
My wife took over and eventually did get the LED out!

Same LEDs are back in, firmly locked now
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