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Chorizo - '00 Honda Civic HX, baby! :D
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How did you choose the name for your car?

There is an old thread on here, but sometimes I wonder how car names are chosen. Some people think that it is strange to name cars, but here, it seems to be expected.

I wish that I could remember the thread, but someone mentioned people accidentally visiting the site while looking for some celebrity, being confused due to the name of his car. I realized that with as many posts as I make, whatever I named my car would show up repeatedly. Everybody likes bacon, right?

Maybe not the Jewish ex-girlfriend that helped me pick the car!

Then I wanted to continue the theme, but did not feel like calling my Civic "Sausage."

I do not have any idea what I would name my next car, but I plan on keeping Chorizo forever!

I am 6'2" and people often call me "Strider" for the same reason that Aragorn was called that in "Lord of the Rings," although I do not think that ever made it to the movie. I named my first car "Roheryn," which was the name of Aragorn's horse. My second car was "Hasufel," the horse that Aragorn rode until his countrymen brought him his. In the movie, his horse is called "Brego," which nobody seems to be able to explain.

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