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Originally Posted by suspectnumber961 View Post
These biologists have been threatened with losing their jobs if they reveal this publicly.
any time the "proof" is people who would only speak anonymously. i stop listening. Any real scientist would be applauded for releasing results either good or bad.

“There is no direct route to get from Providence to Seattle,” Gary Wessel, a molecular biologist at Brown University. However, when one considers the evaporation of radiation-contaminated water from the Pacific, being carried inland by weather systems, and the jet stream then carrying those weather systems to the east coast, the explanation becomes obvious.
no direct method, like riding in the bilge of a ship that crosses the Panama canal?

Marine researchers PUBLICLY say they are baffled about the reason for the anchovy explosion. PRIVATELY, they tell the Turner Radio Network the cause is Fukushima radiation but they've been told to keep quiet to avoid causing a public panic.
again, proof is anonymous. /shakes head


... skin lesions were recently observed in polar bears off the northern coast of Alaska...

.....Biologists in Alaska have observed a high rate of non-viable eggs in nests of greater white-fronted geese. Northern fur seals and soil samples in Alaska are also showing unusual signs. In another study, the Alaska Science Center has documented surprisingly high mortality (20–30 percent) of adult female musk ox during mid- to late summer in northwestern Alaska....
unusual signs, does not prove anything. speculation is the worst.

i remember there was some fish that were bleeding out their gills, blamed on the radiation, until it was learned it was a simple virus.
So, I predict that all of these issues have logical, scientificly proven causes.

I now take an iodine supplement. Will be eating no tuna and reduced salmon out of the NE Pacific.
good, more fish for me. i also hope people leave the coast. more room for me. maybe it will drive down Vancouver housing prices, so I can actually afford something bigger.

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