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Originally Posted by UFO View Post
Attitudes aside, the thermodynamic argument is simply not on your side with known chemical reactions and engine conditions. It is incumbent on you to demonstrate how 100 years of engine and fuel designs can be turned on its head simply by adding just the right amount of extra H2. As I said before, I am making the facile argument, but the historic evidence cannot be ignored.
Your argument is facile because you've not made the effort to learn the material. The reason I said your argument was specious was because you were using properties of a closed system to exclude a process in an open system in which it did not apply.

I'm sorry, but you (and the others) do not have the understanding of thermodynamics that you think that you do. Worse still, y'all continue to parrot the same mistake over and over despite me and Rusty trying to explain it to you.

And the thermo IS on my side.

Look, nobody cares that you were wrong. Being wrong isn't a big deal, especially in thermo-it can be one of the hardest subjects around. But not even trying to correct yourself when it's been pointed out isn't good. What is worse is to use your lack of understanding like a stick to hit people with, ganging up on them and belittling them. That IS a big deal, at least to me. I don't like it and won't stand for it- I hate the bullies that do it, and I'll try to stop it every time I see it happen. I've seen it done in other threads by many of the same in this one, and I'm ashamed I didn't act earlier. All I can say is that if y'all were my boys I'd have probably beaten y'all half to death for your disrespect to others.

Originally Posted by UFO View Post
Don't wait on me, I'm patient, this chit chat has been going on for decades.
It wasn't chit chat. It was attacks on others. It's just y'all never expected to be held to account, which I'm doing now.

The sad part is that so far none of the men out there have the self respect and dignity to stand by their words and be judged. And apparently there's not even enough pride in y'all that I can insult and goad into action, even when I take all the risk and put up the money.

Pffft. Y'all disgust me.

I'll be waiting.

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