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Originally Posted by kach22i
Maybe we are running out of material?
At the pace you've been going I wouldn't be surprised. [perhaps I'm thinking about the wind tunnel thread] Maybe it's down to filling in the details. From the link that was hiding under the color picture:

Johnson had his own chassis enclosed in the first body by August of 1959, when it was possible to run an airflow observation test at the Riverside International Raceway. White wool tufts for determining air-flow direction were easily visible against the dark grey primer, and sections that had already been cut out of the body for the two headlight tunnel openings were carefully taped back into place to provide a completely smooth form.

Howard Miereanu (now a General Motors designer, but then a student at the Art Center School in Los Angeles), possessor of a Bolex 16-mm motion picture camera, was perched in the passenger seat of an accompanying car and panned past the coupe which was run at steady speeds of 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100 mph down the 5,100-ft back straight of the race course. Viewing this film at slow speed later confirmed theories that some of the top boundary layer could be diverted around the corners of the cab by use of a sharply peaked cowl and windshield, and that the general air flow was true to the developed contours with a minimum of turbulence.
There were two or more cars built on different chassis from the mold that followed a series of articles in Road & Track.

So how many of Mac’s LeMans Coupes survive?

That’s a great question! The one in California is no doubt still out there. I found another on Ebay. A third “body only” surfaced in California, and a fourth one was found in Minnesota. And more may be rearing their heads soon.

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