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94 Civic CEL when cold

On my 94 VX when it is cold out (usually below -10*C) my check engine light comes on when starting the car. Once the car is restarted when warm it will not come back on until the motor has completely cooled off. The car seems to run just fine, and it still feels like it is engaging lean burn no problem.

I don't believe it's anything too serious and I'm still averaging 43 US MPG (and this last tank saw temps as low as -26*C!! So i'm fairly confident that the drop in MPG is purely based on temp, warming the car up a little bit and lots of city driving.

Any ideas what it could be or should I just go ahead and get a code reader on it?

Issue #2: Not sure if this is related to the CEL, but if I have the heater fan running while moving, and foot on the clutch the car really hunts for RPM. Coasting to a stop the RPM bounces back and forth between 1000-1600 pretty quickly. As soon as the car comes to a stop the idle speed returns to a steady 900 (with heater fan on) or 650 without it.

IACV maybe?


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