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Can you explain the setup on your front wheel in the pre-dustbin fairing picture ?
I think it might be your gear shift but I dont understand the layout (foot rests still attached to the front wheel ?)

Footrests attached to front forks did not work well, any small movement would cause the bike to swerve, couldn't adjust my position in the saddle without wobbling all over the place.
This photo shows the current footrest layout, gearchange lever on the left connected with a stainless tube. I should have used a heavier gauge round tubing for the vertical section, the square section tubing flexes a little and had to braced. Left hand operated rear brake.

I've noticed on many cubs there is a "horn like" protrusion where the gas tank is that would make a semi recumbent position difficult. I assume this can be easily removed?
This 'protrusion' is the fuel tank and on this particular model simply unbolts.

This photo shows the frame modifation needed for a more comfortable seating position.

I've already considered to make a Honda-based recumbent tadpole tricycle.
Have you cosidered a Piaggio MP3 as a basis?, should be an easy conversion.

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