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Originally Posted by Joggernot View Post
I had it on fast scan, but you're right, the sampling times/rates can definitely affect the results.
I think the scan speed is adjustable to allow for some cars which don't respond t the SG2 requests quite so quickly.

Originally Posted by Joggernot View Post
I'll never get a good tank because I'm married...

Originally Posted by zingaro View Post
HEllo: I could use an explanation : So the consensus is that pulse and glide with an auto trans is better than pulse and coast ( in neutral) ?

And, if this is true its because of the inertia built up in the TC???

Ive recently adapted the glide into my 12 ram cargo van strategy and im getting some better data... Got some hills here in NC .... z
Do you mean "glide" in gear, e.g. jut lift off enough to maintain speed etc. ? It depends. On steeper descents I can get into overrun mode (DFCO - fuel cut off as the vehicle is turning the engine without fuel being added) and that registers 9999. On shallower descents the car will show 200-600 MPG (depending on speed) but I lose momentum faster.

If you have rolling hills then you can use the terrain - glide down the hills perhaps maintaining a minimum MPG but picking up speed, and then maintain that MPG and allow the speed to "bleed off" on the climb. If you need to maintain a minimum speed then when you slow to that rate maintain it in the highest gear possible. If you can find a big truck (semi) to follow you will probably find the driver is doing this and you can just match them - Vekke did a video on hill climbing and using trucks as a guide here - and the post before that has descending hills. His car is a Lupo 3L which according to Wikipedia has a Tiptronic gearbox - flappy paddle auto - although I think it is a DSG style affair.
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