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how many miles breaks the deal, buying for around $2000?

So i'm budgeting around $2000 for a commuter (drive around 120 miles a day)

Obviously how the cars been cared for matters, but is there ever a point where the miles are just too high?

One of the main cars i've found in my search is a 2001 echo. The owner has had it for quite a while, tires are around 75% tread, brakes are good in back and he has a set of pads for the front, and yes it's a manual. He's had it for around 4 years and never had to do anything other than oil/filters/brakes and such. The downside is it has 225k miles and he's asking 2500 (i'm sure i could get it for 2000 though)

on the other hand i could get a 99' civic/corolla with around 130k miles for about 2k (most likely an automatic)

thanks for any input

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