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I have no problem with high mile vehicles if they are in decent shape. But just remember that things like syncros, bearings, etc are parts that will eventually need to be replaced, no matter how well maintained a vehicle is. I usually tell people looking for a cheap car that if they are somewhat mechanically able then you can save a lot of money by owning one, as long as you are willing to fix all the small things that will just fail. Say the door handle breaks, or the window comes off the track, or the rear defrost stops working. If you can sort that out yourself, then go for it, but if you have to take the car in to have things like that repaired, it's not a great deal anymore. But the most important thing about buying a high mileage vehicle is only paying high mileage prices for it! $2500 sounds like a lot for a 13 year old Echo with that high of mileage on it, but then I don't know what used cars are worth in your area. If one with half the mileage is twice as much, then the high mile one is maybe worth it. If one with half the mileage is only say $500 more, then pay extra for the lower miles IMO. Good luck!
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