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good points

i can do basic mechanical (gaskets, brakes, all that stuff)

might even be able to swap a trans, and if i can't i have a buddy with a garage who would charge me almost nothing

I'm in the detroit metro area (way north of detroit but the craigslist is detroit metro) and there are very few insights, echos, and the like. There are a ton of automatic corollas and civics but a lot of junk from detroit mixed in, so it's kind of hard sorting them out.

My 95 civic has a bad input shaft bearing (hear it in gears 1-3) and 198k miles, but it's beat up and i'm selling it for 600 more than i paid for it this week, so i do have to make a choice fairly quick. It seems all 4 cars i inquired about got sold a day later.
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