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I should have checked roosters location. Plenty of cheap Cubs in Brazil methinks.
The MP3 is heavy at 208Kg, coincidentally almost exactly the same as Visionary's effort, but I still think it would make a good streamliner for the following reasons :-

1. It has three wheels with a locking device , so complete enclosure would be possible as it can be stopped with 'feet up'.

2. It leans just like a 2 wheeler, so no handling problems.

3. Minimum amount of work would be required (body work only).

4. Registration would not be a problem as the chassis, wheels and brakes would remain unaltered.

I agree that the CVT is not the most effcient drive train, but with different sized pulleys, gearing changes might be possible. My son had a 125cc. CVT scooter, and that would do 100mpg. without any mods, not too shabby?
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