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It should run about 1000 Rpm at 30 MPH in 5th gear (correct transmission).

It should have fuel pressure regulated at around 40 PSI.

A bad diaphragm in the fuel pressure regulator could dump excess fuel into the manifold.

A bad 02 sensor could be the problem.

Is the upshift light working?

The top (exit) hose should be almost too hot to hold your hand on. If not then the thermostat is not getting it hot enough.

Cam timing should be checked.

EGR passageways need to be clean enough for proper flow.

26 MPG is terrible for a VX, is your driving all short distance stop and go? You should get heat within about 2 miles if the thermostat is working to factory specs.

The VX is very sensitive to even minor changes, mine lost 7 MPG when I changed the original 15 year old Bridgestoine tires to Michelin Xs.

Brakes dragging?


You should be able to push the car easily, I could push mine on concrete with one thumb.

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