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Honda element, vw beetle, jeep wrangler...


I recently too up hyper mileing. I regularly get 45 mpg on my gas powered 2.0L beetle going to work. Actually more often I'm riding my bike to work.

I inflated my tires up to max, and practice driving without breaks.

Pictures of the vehicles attached. Notice the trust CRX SI which went with me to pick up the Jeep and the Beetle! That car was my favorite ever.


Since I started reading ecomodder, I duct taped my Beetle grill (still not sure what that is supposed to accomplish (more aero or more engine temp) and I have no idea if it will make a difference.

I also drive with the scangage, which is FUN!

I'm very interested in mods to my Jeep wrangler - underbody pans seem the most relevant.. I vow that before I'm dead I'll convert the jeep into an electric vehicle. I think that would be a great project - I'm sure there will be kits in 10 years, so I'll wait.

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