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About the Toyota Yaris Hybrid (In US Prius C)

I took delivery of a brand new one today, only 11 km on the clock, and as it seems to be the first of it's kind at Ecomodder, I'll bring our experinces with the car in this thread the coming months.

Some basic data:
Toyota Yaris Hybrid H1 (Basic equipment level, yet includes electric windows and mirrors, central locking system, AC klimate control, discs brakes on all four wheels, radio, driving computer.
My model is a cargo version without back seats. (Dont need them, saves weight and money)

Curb weight: 1.070 kg.
LED driving lights for day use.
Lenght: 3,9 m
With: 1,69 m
Height: 1,51 m
Power: 100 HK
Wheels: 175/65/R15 steelies

Hybrid / gas / electric
CVT auto transmission
Regens when you lift off the speeder or touch the breake.
Aukku for electric engine, Nickel-metal-hydride, 6,5 Ah, 144 volts => 936 Wh.

Front, back, and around c-pillar somewhat different body work to the Prius C.
Cv = 0,29

Compared to the Yaris P1 from 1999 theres been done a lot of areo work on the body.

First impressions:
This car is a delight to drive. Silent, smooth, and the hybrid drive system is amazing. I'm able to go up to 70 - 80 km/t on electric alone as long as the E-moter has the power to pull the car.

Left on the instrumentation is the power meeter, and gas engine klicks in about wehre the needel get to the C in ECO. But not for at long distance. Depending on other power draws such as light, AC etc. 1 - 2 km's.

But really that's a lot. City driving under 60 km/t is pure electric for as long the 936 watt reaches. But it regens a lot.

Not mods yet - going to establish a baseline first, and learn how best to drive the car, execpt for adding more air in the tires (2,8 Bar)

Planned mods:
Soother wheelcovers
Grill block, upper and lower
Deflector for wiperarm
Folding right hand side mirror (can't dispose of it)

All photos model photos so far, as wheather was bad today.

More to come the following days, weeks, months etc.....

My Yaris Hybrid thread:

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