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Some further observations, from todays driving.
- ICE allways kick in at 73 km/h no matter what. So up to that limit coasting i best done in EV-mode if conditions allow for it, that is flat og down hill so EV motor has enough power to pull the car.
After 73 km/h coasting engine on i N is the easiest way.
ECO button alters speeder reaction, like lowering engine RPM's 500 or so.
At 85 km/t engine is hovering about 1.500 rpm, and FE is the around 3 - 4.5 liter to a 100 km.

I'm very impressed by this car. It's soo smooth to drive. ECO mode is really for calm driving. Car much more responsive in Powermode, but it also cost fules, at Rpm's go up. Shifting between EV drive and ICE drive is very smooth, sometine I don't notice it when the ICE starts.

I can get just under 1,8 - 2 km in EV at 50 km/t, which suits me well at 50 km/t is the general city speedlimit here.

I also noticed that using the AC - no surprice - causes the ICE to run a lot more - same goes for high beam on the front lights. So one clue to get better FE - more EV driving - in this car is to reduce electric loads.

Gonna look for LED bulbs for the rear lights and rear licenceplate light...
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