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Less IS more!
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Yes.......what a drag! So be it. When I bought Espresso Nero, I went by choo-choo- to Newcastle Ontario. Came back with a small greasy type of rainfall on the 401 (trucks don't want us there). Oh no said I, not again. I did in a past life have a Toyota Starlet with the same aerodynamic lack. Some Renault deflectors soon fixed this problem. The best self cleaning rear window on a car that I was possessed with: Austin America. 10 feet: CLEAN!
Second best: Mercedes-Benz 300 CD, the turbo diesel 2 door coupe. Scarce and ought to be. 20 feet of driving and you could see the rivulets escape.
Installing a rear window from a MBenz on Espresso Nero was not an option as you might guess.
Since that happy day when I discovered the sweet perfume of super being fed to Espresso, that's all she drinks. I get phenomenal fuel economy and my tail pipe (the car's....not mine....) is like new. Vanilla Latte, with her "new" turbo swap get's the same formula.... 99% super and 1% love. She costs a little more to run but there is no ATM at the cemetary....not yet.
Less IS more !
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