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Originally Posted by CFECO View Post
It really looks like it "Should Be" better, in the other direction, or maybe I'm just stuck on that because of my "backwards" VW project!
Maybe one day we'll get a Cd for Orion.I suspect that everyone would like to see numbers for it.
As far as I know,Eiffel and Fachsenfeld are the only two investigators to publish Cds for 'reversed' bodies.
Eiffel's reversed 'ice cream cone' doubled in drag when backwards.
Fachsenfeld showed a sreamline body of 6:1 fineness ratio which with wheels,and in ground effect,would come in at around Cd 0.13.Which isn't bad,but the 'normal' body has about 14% lower drag.That wouldn't be a problem for a lot of folks.
Perhaps Tamai's book can expand the database for these exotic shapes.
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