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update: so I went to set the timing and ran into a stupid issue, like a ton of other d series, a valve cover bolt sheared off so I had to take the number 1 and 5 cam caps out and drill and tap them for a helicoil in each...that was stupid, at the same time I checked the valve lash and found that 2 exhaust valves were slightly tighter than the .25mm allowable tolerance so I set them to .25mm. I also did an oil change, reset ignition timing, checked for vacuum leaks using smoke and I failed emissions again.

This time was slightly worse for HC yielding 794 ppm with an allowable limit of 400 at idle. HC was also high at 2500rpm but not as drastically high as it was at idle. CO% at idle was also slightly elevated at 3.5% with an allowable limit of 3.0% so that improved slightly but not much.

so to recap, I've replaced plugs, cap, set cam timing, set ignition timing, checked valve lash, changed the oil, checked for vacuum leaks and I'm still failing emissions.

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