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forgot a couple things,

would the o2 sensor test bad if its not throwing a code? I've read that they don't always throw a code when they go bad but I'm experiencing such horrible fuel mileage one would think that its running so rich that the o2 sensor would fowl and throw a code.

also, I did a quick cleaning of my egr valve and ports using carb cleaner and when I took the valve off the exhaust side, or the round hole, was dry black carbon as one would expect to see, however the intake side, or the rectangular hole, appeared to be wet, almost black oily looking. The "oil" substance had no smell too it and it was pitch black. Is this normal?

and finally, I was told by a master mech. at my work that the cat should be colder on the inlet side than the exhaust side. I find this to be true due to continued combustion in the cat however, this wouldn't solve my issue. theoretically a fuel injected engine shouldn't need a cat to completely burn all fuel.
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