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alright so I tested the o2 sensor today and to my disappointment it is still functioning as it should. It reads .24v at idle, when in lean burn at a steady cruise I was getting around .88v and when not in lean burn i.e. flooring it I was getting -.78 or so. other times I would get higher and lower numbers but those seemed to be pretty consistent.

We also tried to check the cat to see if it was bad or clogged using an infrared thermometer to look for higher temps on the output side of the cat however this was impossible due to the stupid heat shielding around the cat and exhaust and the few small spots in which I could read around the heat shielding I wasn't able to get a reading because the temp sensor doesn't read that high.

One thing to mention is that we checked the resistance of one of my spark plug wires and found that it only read .25k ohms and then we tested a much much newer ngk wire that I had sitting on the shelf and it measure 18.4k this anything to be concerned about?

and I want to reiterate that it runs flawlessly. I daily this car around 16 miles each way and it doesn't even so much as hiccup. the shift light comes on as it should, I feel when I'm in leanburn and when I'm not. it just smells rich, wont pass emissions and I'm getting horrible mileage. should I suspect the ecu?

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