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So this morning I was just going south in my south-going groove. The cruise was on 62 because I needed to move a little faster than usual (the needle was on 60, GPS said 62). A block of cars was coming up the on ramp, so I signalled and moved into the left lane. They got into the right lane and I was passing them more and more slowly as they picked up speed.

As I got up even with the lead car, car #2 snapped over into the left lane to get clear of that crowd and move on with his life. And the cars on the right continued to slowly get up to speed. I never quite got ahead of car #1, and it turns out he wanted to do 65. He clawed back ahead of me and slowly moved ahead. Car #3 wasn't that ambitious, so there was still room in the right lane for car #2 to snap back over there and zip up behind car #1 (so he was right next to me), waving angrily at me. Car #1 soon got far enough ahead of me for car #2 to snap left and take off.

He got off less than a mile later and I went by him while he was slowing down for the stop at the end of the off ramp.

The "look at how much flooring it really helped you" laugh was just icing. I was already quite amused by his anger at me over the merge: I was the highway traffic moving at a constant speed, he was the disorganized mob entering the road as a solid group. Apparently giving them space to enter wasn't good enough!

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