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Thanks, I love it! There have been teething problems, like any new combination, but it's getting better and better.

The engine came from a Carrier refer unit, but they're used in some Bobcats, tractors, and other applications. Rating is around 50HP/100TQ naturally aspirated.

I added the turbo and intercooler. The turbo and some fueling changes dramatically improved the performance. A friend that put one in his Ranger with a very similar setup to mine just had it dyno'd last week, and it pulled 98hp @ 2200RPM and 278 ft lbs @ 1800RPM at the rear wheels.

The picture is a year old. Since then I've tried several different turbos, so the downpipe in the picture isn't currently in use. Right now it's using a 2.25" pipe all the way, but I'm in the process of building another 3" system with better routing and design.

I'll try to write something up with more detail when I have more time!
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