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Hydrogen > EV
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I'll follow either way, a new car with low value is a great base for modifying.

I don't mean this in a critical way, more so friendly...
If I had the car I want to ecomod, I would be building a boattail for my 2013 Ferrari FF or 2007 Ford GT right now- but since I wanted maximum mileage, it's front wheel skirts for my Honda Insight.

Honestly, the most important factor is a standard transmission. A FF will be more fuel efficient than a FR, or AWD, and I doubt you will find a running MR available for you, so drive layout is valuable, too.

But a Honda Insight (gen 1) will do all by itself what other cars need crazy work to achieve. Some people are battery nervous, which is fair, but it is easy to bypass the battery and run as just petrol. A 1k Cavalier vs a 2k Insight to most people is a clear choice.

If you decide on a GM, no one will think less of you. What is right for you is right for you, but if you want the best MPG bang for your buck, you're cutting yourself short ONLY looking at GM.

I was a Dodge kid growing up- until I started learning about cars, and I realized the appearance of a car isn't the only factor. I loved GM while being in a Ford family, but around 2003 or so, I started to see where Ford was going. I still love what Ford is doing, and appreciate what GM is doing, but I am not a Ford, GM, or anything guy. I am a GOOD CAR guy. Ford makes some crap (Tremor, well, pointless, not really crap). GM makes some crap (diesel Cruze only in auto-WHAT?!). Everyone makes crap or bad decisions. So no judgement on what you want or decide on, just know for your budget it may be a more economical choice to look at other options.

And personally, it would be an emotional process to do to my Mustang what I did to my

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