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Yeah, a better after market battery is approximately between $1,900 for the cells, and $2,100 for a drop in pack. It's the better option, as an OEM replacement pack will last about 3 years, and is generally considered to be made of refurbished cells. It's not an issue to driveability, but some states require the IMA light to be off to pass inspection.

The guy in Indiana has 15+ Insights, a truck and trailer rig, a giant garage and use of an airplane hanger. But at least he keeps them intact. If i had that money would i buy a supercar or amass a fleet of eco cars? The former is not so appealing to me...

But if you have 2 grand on hand and are willing to go at the drop of hat... It's better someone here snatch one up rather than it go to waste over there sitting in a garage!
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