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Originally Posted by demidestructo View Post
Please I beg of you don't get a geo metro ,unless you like the snickers.My friend used to have 3 of those things ,the reason he got to three was .Something would go wrong it was cheaper to buy another car with a good part then it was to buy the part or close to it. Those things are junk the doors are tin can thin. I watched my friend get stuck in a snodrift going down the road,pathetic... His horn cover was a different color and we said it was the tear collector because of the shame in driving said geo. If you really hate life and want everyone to laugh at you,buy a geo aka sham-o,

While a Geo Metro doesn't get the respect of a shiny new car, it does get respect in terms of reliability and gas mileage.

I don't hate my life and drove a Geo. People did laugh at me. I threw it back at them when I asked how much money they dumped into their BMW M's and their Land Rovers to get back and forth to work. It really shuts people up when they figure out how much money they waste.

The Metro is a great car. While it wasn't the car for me, I have a lot of respect for it.
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